Huge Recall of Unsafe Elmark Ceiling Fans

Can an Elmark Ceiling Fan Drop and Kill?

Elmark just got instructed to do a fan recall for 17 models of their ceiling fans. Everyone probably has had some nightmare of ceiling fans and blades dropping down and killing the person sleeping – unfortunately this could be a reality if you’re using a faulty Elmark ceiling fan.

According to The Straits Times:

17 Elmark ceiling fan models recalled over safety issues

More than 500 units of ceiling fans from 17 models by Elmark Marketing are being recalled after checks showed they could pose safety problems.

These fans could potentially fall, electrocute someone or cause a fire, product safety agency Enterprise Singapore said yesterday.

Fan blades could also come loose when in use and cause cuts.

Although no reports of injuries have been made, Enterprise Singapore said it was alerted after an Elmark fan blade broke when in use. This prompted further checks.

Elmark is recalling the 17 fan models and has posted a notice on its website to inform customers they can trade in an affected model for a $150 voucher.

It said the 17 models were unregistered and sold without a valid safety mark as required for controlled goods under Singapore’s consumer protection regulations.

According to Elmark’s website, the company, which was established in 1988, distributes ceiling fans in Singapore and Malaysia.

The 17 recalled models are: AC 4054, E502 Aeratron, EC 888, EC 999, ED 866, EL03 Cane, EL03 Leaf, ELS 52 HHA, EL 3888 Elegant, ES 380S, ES 803, ES 803 Mini, Fanaway, Fantasy UFO 38, V6 Mini, V8 Jazz and VIP 99.

Elmark, which apologised for the recall, said the $150 voucher is valid for five years and is transferable. The company is also offering to remove affected fans for free, for customers who do not want to keep them.

Those who are unsure can take a photo of their product and send it to 9022-6365 via WhatsApp. Consumers can also check, call 6741-0729 or e-mail [email protected]

When contacted by The Straits Times, the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) said between January last year and Sunday, it had received four complaints regarding Elmark ceiling fans.

“In general, consumers complained of defective parts in their ceiling fans and unsatisfactory after-sales service,” it said.

Affected consumers can also contact Case at its hotline on 6100-0315, or visit

Online sites that carry the affected Elmark fans told ST they have removed the models from their listings.

A Qoo10 spokesman said the company prefers to “err on the side of caution and does not hesitate to remove affected products” whenever it gets wind of lapses.

“A conversation can then be had with the supplier and we will reinstate the models if they are found to meet safety standards,” he added.

Anyone found guilty of supplying controlled goods that have not gone through proper tests and certification can be jailed for up to two years, fined up to $10,000, or both.

Under consumer protection regulations, ceiling fans are controlled goods that must be tested and certified. They should also be registered with Enterprise Singapore and fitted with a safety mark.

Enterprise Singapore said consumers should take precautions with their ceiling fans, such as checking the suspension system and blades for cracks once every two years.

The fans should also not be installed on an unstable ceiling or in a wet or moist area.

Those who wish to report product safety issues can call Enterprise Singapore on 1800-773-3163 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Elmark issued a Statement

Elmark issued a statement which has quite a few typos and grammatical mistakes (see below). It’s not the best, because it’s not very apologetic and quite forced. The least they can do is to provide pictures of the fans so it’s easier for consumers to see whether their fans are affected.


Dear Valued Customers,
We are instructed by Enterprise Singapore to do a recall exercise, if you happen to have these models in your house,

Fanaway, Fantasy UFO38, E502 Aeratron, EC 888, EC 999, ED 866, ES 380, V8 Jazz, VIP 99, EL 3888 Elegant, ES 803 Mini, ES 803, V6 Mini, AC 4054,
ELS 52 HHA, EL 03 Cane, EL 03 Leaf

These models were not tested to specified safety standards in accordance with the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations by Enterprise Singapore, the Safety Authority. They were unregistered and sold without a valid Safety Mark. Customers who purchased these models are entitled to trade in your old fan for a voucher of $150. Voucher issued is valid for 3 years & can be used as a gift voucher transferrable to anyone. Please take note that voucher is valid ONLY for purchases in SINGAPORE. If you are not sure of the model, you may take a photo of your fan, whatsapp to 9022-6365, our service centre will be able to verify. Please also help to provide your receipt & warranty card as shown on purchase date, if you have lost or misplace it, you could contact us and we will assist to find your record.

We are also providing free removal services if you do not wish to keep the products. You may contact us for more details :
email: [email protected] or
call: 6741-0729 or
whatsapp only 9022-6365 (service centre)

Rest assure, Consumer Safety is Elmark’s highest priority. We are carefully monitoring for any complaints that may be related to this recall.

We apologise for all inconveniences caused.

No Injuries Reported Yet

To be fair, the reports make it clear that there weren’t any injuries or incidents that have occurred.

But potentially it could be a problem because a fan blade broke and further checks revealed potential dangers.

We’re Safe, For Now…

The fan we bought from Taobao, while not officially branded an Elmark ceiling fan, most probably is one (OEM side).

Our fans look exactly the same as an Elmark I-Cool. It does get noisy, as the middle round cap loosens slight (thus creating some clicking sound), but the integrity of the fan appears fine.

A Qoo10 seller is selling this and this is identical to ours.
A Qoo10 seller is selling this and this is identical to ours. (Source)

But if you’re in doubt, just do as we did and Whatsapp Elmark. They haven’t replied yet though, fingers crossed!

Update: Elmark replied that ours is not among the recalled list, so it’s all good!


This means that you shouldn’t be buying Elmark ceiling fans for now and the foreseeable future. Don’t risk it!

Ironically, we’re not sure if it’s the best move to take up Elmark’s voucher to buy a new Elmark ceiling fan. There could be the same safety issues again.

And as a brand Elmark is in a huge hole – the last thing you want is a fan that drops down and kills you. This is the largest product recall we’ve seen for ceiling fans.

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