Our Home Creation Journey

Our home creation journey.

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Essential Guides

Our 4 room BTO design and completed home

Our 4 room BTO design and completed home, in pictures. Before you begin, this is what our home looks like!

Budget guide on Taobao shopping and shipping to Singapore

Everything you need to know about shopping and Taobao shipping to Singapore on a tight budget, including how to buy stuff and choosing shipping options.

Choosing between an ID or Contractor

We share what it’s like choosing an ID or contractor, and how to choose one. Go for an ID if you need more design expertise, or a contractor to cut costs.

Taobao tips and FAQs: shopping and shipping from Taobao

Shopping from Taobao is cheap, but far from easy. This guide provides the Taobao tips and FAQs you need to know, especially for shopping and shipping.

How to choose flooring

We didn’t opt for HDB’s OCS flooring. Most people choose from vinyl, tile, laminate, or cement flooring for BTOs. We chose LURF from Floor Xpert.

How to buy lights from Taobao

This guide tells you why and how to buy lights from Taobao for your BTO home – type of lights to buy, type of bulbs, colour temperature, and wattage.

How to get ceiling fans

This guide is on getting ceiling fans for a BTO: how to choose your fan, where to buy it from (Singapore, JB or Taobao), and where to install it.

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