Multi-Tone Painting Works for Greater Contrast

Since the start, Shao Jie’s design concept has been to offer a contrast in the colour scheme, which gives us our eclipse theme. It was therefore natural that we were looking at multi-tone painting works for greater contrast in our BTO home. This would make up for the choice of a relatively muted colour (gray), which we liked but sometimes can be too dull.

In our follow-up discussions we indicated that the bedroom looked too gloomy, with some areas being too much dark. It might be depressing to be in such a room for long periods of time. Other than that, we left the decision on colours largely to Shao Jie. We thought it was a good choice. After all, why get an ID if you need to micro-manage everything?

Finalised colour scheme

We eventually settled on colours that were mostly unchanged from what we saw in the initial 3D drawings. What changed slightly was the execution. The key differences were making the corridor the same tones as the living room for better flow, and the MBR colours which were adjusted to be brighter.

Shao Jie changed the corridor to reflect two tones instead of the original full white
We liked the amended MBR colour scheme, it felt brighter and livelier
While it wasn’t a paint job and we were only adjusting the cabinet colours, the kitchen colour scheme blended well with the existing tiles on the floor and walls (accent)

Shao Jie impressed us by marking out all his changes and making clear what each change entailed. It showed that he was meticulous and serious about his designs. More importantly, he showed his ability to properly communicate his design concepts. From my research, it seems many IDs simply fail to communicate their design philosophy and recommendations in a way that is simple and relevant to their clients. That was clearly not an issue here.

Chuck Norris approves too

His drawings were also superior to the typical ‘3D drawings’ that IDs commonly use, which is just taking templates rendered designs and piecing something together. What Shao Jie did was to draw the 3D designs for each ‘scene’ of the house and make amendments in real time, e.g. remove a partition wall, change the sizes of the wardrobe doors, or change colours/shapes. He was therefore able to show us in person or over Whatsapp/email, and it was easy to visualise the end result (as shown above).

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End result

It was therefore not surprising that the end result was pretty near what he envisaged.

The living room colour scheme looked good
Another angle that shows the two-toned walls

The corridor was also the same as what was designed.

The corridor on hindsight and after seeing the results looks much better than if it were fully white

As for the MBR, we really liked the contrast in colour tones for the dresser and bed areas. It breaks up the monotony of having a dull colour and tone throughout the house. Good call by Shao Jie to have that, I doubt a contractor or a pseudo/sham ID would have proposed that.

We really liked the contrast between the dresser and bed areas
The MBR was as discussed and indeed looks less gloomy as originally designed

Overall, the painting job was well done. It very close to the final colour scheme. The tricky thing about having 3D rendered designs is that the designs are usually for show, not what is delivered. There was no such problem here.

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